Indeed in the past decade web technology has been transformed and the trend is that it changes quite rapidly. Innovations and additions have enabled vast number of features on the web making it an extremely powerful yet dynamic tool in today’s world.  New technology offers higher quality, faster loading, more features and helps create web pages that are more secure and powerful than what the previous versions offered.

We ensure that our team of developers keeps up with the ever changing trends so that it is able to create web portfolios and websites that incorporate the latest technologies. This enables our clients to gain an edge over competitors as their websites are equipped with the most powerful tools that are available in the market at any point in time.

Successfully adjusting in this rapidly changing market is Five Ocean’s secret to success. Our enthusiastic expert team is always looking for a challenging project in which they try to implement the latest technology and in turn gain a valuable learning experience from the project. In other words, our team is always ready to learn more and give you an experience that is up to date with the current trends. We choose the design technique and language which is not just the most efficient but also the most economical.

Over time we have mastered using certain techniques for development these include:

1. HTML, DHTML, Ajax 
2. Adobe Flash CS3, Adobe After Effects, Shockwave. 
3. ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, JAVA, Visual Basic, XML.
4. MS Access, MS SQL, My SQL.

5. HTML5 ,Mobile Application Development.


6. We use Secure Framework for secure web Application Development.